Friday, May 1, 2020

A Place of Necessity!

Taking a breath for a moment from the race that is in certain places.  I look out the window and

As I behold the storm so far from me,

I'm reminded of where clouds no longer be!
Transported am I to that Perfect Place,
and there I walk beside my Jesus, Lord of Grace!
I am given respite from the trials that be,
as we walk there and converse at liberty!
He explains to me that He is very much aware
of all that's happening now everywhere!
And, for such a time as this does He remind
that His abundant peace may ANY find!

And, as we walk, He makes me realize

that this Perfect Place is not JUST in the skies--
He avails it to us in the here and now
to empower us to cling tightly to His vow!

O know that peace ye, in whatever state!
It is not just for the 'holy' or the 'great;
it is freely given to ANY that would call
and realize that JESUS--He is ALL!
And no matter whether clouds be in your sight,
He yet provides abundance of delight
and healing, peace and overwhelming grace!
O join me, won't you, in that Necessary Place?

There is a Place that is so necessary in the days we find ourselves in, and it is closer than you think!  Just find a place where you can call the Name of Jesus, and He will meet you there at any time!  Enjoy!


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