Sunday, May 31, 2020

Can't we 'advance?'

Looking back upon the past few months.   Reflecting upon how life has been affected by issues and events.  Has being 'restricted' in some ways caused some to revolt, or are these just old issues being handled by the 'same old...same old...?'  It's bad enough that the whole world is in a pandemic, but must such an ancient 'issue' rear it's ugly head once more?!

Must we use teardrops to put out the fires
that flare-up over such unknown desires?
Will anger ever manufacture peace?
How can such pent-up rage find TRUE release?
But why have we developed outrage
if we are, with Christ daily, to engage?
For He is still and always Prince of Peace,
and, with Him in our hearts, said rage SHOULD cease!

No good comes as we damage and destroy.

For greater tools He gives us to employ
when we encounter that which is not right,
and entrusting it to Him WILL win the fight!
May we be secure to focus on the facts,
and rebuke the DESIRE to do such violent acts!
Address the 'issue' prevalent to the day,
and avoid the circus that's resulting from the fray!
Address that so engrained within the heart--
for only then can Heaven's healing start!
Only then can every one of us get along;
only then can there be harmony in The Song!

Black, red, green, yellow, doesn't matter.  God made every one of us, and He made not one of us superior to the other!  He made the spectrum to be beautiful and harmonious.  May we each live in such a way!


Saturday, May 30, 2020


So much pent-up rage.  Once again, the enemy rears his ugly head!  Once again, 'ungodly' traditions from the past try to take root, rob, steal and destroy.
BUT GOD is greater!  God is more!  And God will see to it that justice WILL BE done HIS way...when the time is right.

O calm down, ye stress within me;

relax and take a breath.
The answer is not violence,
the answer is not death!
No good will come by way of wrath,
destruction or abuse;
such means are very meaningless,
so vapid and obtuse!
Though reasoning may not be found
for that which has been done,
vengeance--it is yet reserved
for One and only One!
For GOD, He will dole recompense
in His Own time and place;
though we can't fathom, we must yet
press on in peace and grace.

What has been done is shameless,

and words cannot suffice!
And verses cannot even approach
the magnitude of price!
But fellow man, we're all the same!
HIS image be we all!
None be greater, none be less...
o can't we hear That Call?

Our hearts go out to all of those who have/are suffered damage from the events of the past few days.  So have been receiving it for years.  What are words in a time like this?  God help us.


Friday, May 29, 2020

That Time and Place!

Once again, the end of a busy day.  Upon arriving home, I see that God has a special place prepared for some special time with only Him...

There is a special place You have created.
You lit it up, Lord, with the setting sun!
Illuminating all the limbs and branches,
unto this sanctuary, Lord, I run!
There is silence in this place that You created,
(save the nature sounds that never end;)
I recline here in this blessed sanctuary
and take no thought unto when its time may end.

This place--it is a necessity for all people.

How many, though, slow down enough to find?
Lord You are always present and awaiting;
but the speed of life makes many people blind!
Thank You that I have found the time to find it,
and I pray that many more will find it too!
It is so necessary in the days we live in:
this perfect, pleasant, refreshing rendezvous!

No matter what time of day your 'evening' happens,--that time when you finish up, sit back and take a breath--do not neglect it!  God created it for you to relax, refresh and savor His Presence.  He is ALWAYS waiting there!


Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Heroic

The other day, I  wrote about "Looking for the Hero."  Of course it was for all of those who sacrificially served this great country.  However, on an 'everyday' level, where do we look?  God has them strategically placed...

Looking for the hero--

no effort does it take!
They are everywhere about us;
but time we have to make
to recognize their actions,
(though they do not seek acclaim,)
we recognize them not enough,
though we know them by name!
That gentleman that helped you change
the tire just last week;
you offered compensation,
he refused it being meek...
that nurse that offered you embrace
as you received THAT news...
your favorite places where you shop
and all of their crews...
that man behind the pulpit...
those folks who run the tests...
that person on the phone that's fielding
everyone's requests...

Looking for the hero?

Just open up your eyes!
There are so many, and more close
than you can realize!

The heroic.  It is not always 'super-human!'  God places them in, around and all about you.  Appreciate them accordingly.  You may even be one of them!


Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day, 2020

Just another Monday?  To some, it would seem that way.  But to many families it is a hallowed day.  May we NEVER forget why!

Looking for the hero...he is not here...

looking for the heroine...she is not here...
then I look at all the freedoms that I enjoy,
and recall when, those not here, they did deploy.
All the celebrations that we know as 'holiday,'
seems to slight those who assured such 'gala' in their day!
Let us not forget their homage as we fest.
Because of them, in this land we are but a 'guest.'
BUT GOD, He has their honor settled so.
And though we may be careless to bestow,
His recognition is worth so much more--
those on land, in air, at sea or on the shore!
We are grateful, so, for them that gave their all
answering unto great nation's call!
And we bow, if even momentarily, for each one
with honor and appreciation for all that they have done!

As we end this Memorial Day, let us not forget what it's all about, WHO this day is for.  Thank God for America, our freedoms, and those who gave their all to obtain and preserve the lifestyle we enjoy.


Just Listen

It sounds simple enough.  But is it?  Many folks wonder how and why I keep writing and sending messages.  This might help...

Words that would encourage...

verses that uplift...
once again, I wait for Him
to bless me with a gift.
He meets me at this keyboard
every time I seek His face,
and causes word and verse to flow
'bout mercy, love and grace!
Jesus Christ, so faithful
to fill in every line!
He speaks to me when all things are
or all things are not fine.
He always has a word so fitting
for the days that be,
making sure I get the point
across so fittingly!
And those who praise this man for all
the words that, from me, brim,
be it known they are not mine,
they are on loan from Him!
I only must avail myself
and listen for His voice,
THEN to follow words and verses
that some deem as 'choice!'

So fortunate be them that hear

that Voice that never ends!
And blessed are they that share those words
with family and friends!
For each of us have need of that
sweet message from on high;
keep the heart thus open and
to YOU He will reply!

It sounds simple.  It is, really...IF you make the time to listen.  Therein lies the challenge for most.  Life gets so busy that even THIS man misses it sometimes.  BUT GOD is faithful.  Just Listen.


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Let Nothing Hinder

In the day and age we're in, it seems that every deed done from the heart is being met with scrutiny by someone.  Let such NOT hinder us from well-doing!

"I saw you helping him as 

everybody else passed by;
you didn't seem to care about the smell,
or the scoffer's eye...

I saw you giving her a ride

as it began to rain;
you gave no thought to distance, nor
considered it a pain...

I saw you hand that person money

as you stood in line;
you didn't seek their income, but
you sensed that things weren't 'fine...'

I saw you talking with that lady

that was all alone;
you didn't care what others thought,
to YOUR heart she was known!"

So many actions happening

unnoticed yet by most.
Too many be too quick to judge,
just glancing as they go!
But 'ministry' is real, and it
is noticed by God's sight!
O weary not in doing well--
such works are only right!

And those works are constantly before us, just waiting to be done!  Whoever you are, wherever you are in your day, there is someone in need of something more than money can buy, and YOU possess that 'something' if you belong to God!  Share it freely.  He has endless supply!  Share it without hesitation, and let God take care of the scoffers!!


Saturday, May 23, 2020

We're Almost There!

The end of one more day.  A very busy day...and you're feeling it.  Don't give up!  There is strength without limit if you ask Him for it, and great is our reward just on ahead...

The boundless blue above to catch my vision
causes me to ponder furthermore;
unto That Place He said would be called "Heaven"
where He lives and has only perfect things in store!
He reminds me of it often as assurance
that, someday soon, all trials, they will end
and we will live with Him in peace forever!
O see it with me, won't you, precious friend?
No matter how we have it in this lifetime:
the great...the good...the bad...the terrifying...
He has promised recompense that's perfect,
and His nature, it prevents Him from all lying!

O catch that vision with me and press onward!

Do your best, and do it in His Name!
He is rooting for you each step upon The Narrow!
A place in Heaven, if you're His, you'll claim!

Onward.  Boldly.  Through celebration or through crisis, keep pressing on with Jesus in your heart!  We're almost there, and it is worth it all!


Friday, May 22, 2020

Between the blasts

So much happening right now.  So many things to be taken care of...all while being too careful to do it in a timely manner.  However, right now there is a moment to write while I look out the window...

A break between the storms--an intermission...

during which the sun illuminates;
it sets ablaze the trees that now are quiet,
not dancing as as they do when wind gyrates!
Even the birds are out and seeking pieces
that I've scattered everywhere upon the ground;
everything is off but the computer
so I can savor all of nature's sound!

I've been gifted with this moment between barrages

from Him Who is Creator of all things;
and as He points out all of these small glories
the heart within me, unto Him, so sings!
We are blessed, so blessed!  Yes, blessed beyond all measure!
We have Him in His Presence at all times!
We glorify Him when all things are perfect,
but do we do the same when NOTHING rhymes?
But He is worthy of our praise WHATEVER happens:
in the the the storm! 
Oh see to it that YOUR heart has such an outlook,
and let not the trial or tragedy conform!

BE YE GLAD!  Regardless of what is going on in your day!  It rains upon the just and the unjust, and stressing out over it will only cause more pain than the event itself.  GOD IS AWARE, and He will NOT leave us comfortless!


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cry of the heart!

The end of another day.  All the while, the settled heart to cry out

"Come, o come,  ye Glorious,

so great and mighty, too!
O Jesus, we seek Your return--
all things become anew!
We press on, o but weary, as 
we seek that Promised Day
that You will split the skies and take
Your very Own away!

Your dwelling, for it be a Place

no illness can approach!
No sin of any kind can there
be present or approach!
Only that perfection that
You promised in Your Word
will be there in that Perfect Place
when Rapture is occurred!!

We long for such as we press on, Lord,

clinging to Your vows!
Until That Day we live THIS life
with all that it allows
KNOWING perfect Paradise
and YOU are just ahead!
'Even so, come quickly...'
dedicated hearts have pled!"

One day closer.  From glory to glory we press on toward That Promise that is standing yet!  Don't give up, my friend, we are one day closer!


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Glorious Reward!

Once again, so busy was the day.  But having accomplished it, God has a glorious reward awaiting...

Sunset casting shadows on the evening...

they lengthen as the moments slowly pass;
looking back on victories accomplished,
praises to Creator God amass!
He joins me as I gaze across creation,
and we converse about this glorious day!
Whatever I have witnessed through the hours,
He always knows exactly what to say.

The colors seem to change with every moment

as we visit out here on the porch;
and in the conversation we're enjoying,
He restrengthens me to carry on the torch.
For He knows the trials and stress the day's exacting,
and He knows exactly what each person needs;
so blessed are they that set this time out for Him,
yes, so blessed, the one, His Holy Spirit, heeds!

This time aside for God.  Some think it it be optional, I say it be an absolute necessity...WHATEVER the days be like!  For it is time that is redeemable, and He will certainly honor it!


Monday, May 18, 2020

As the day unfolds

God is so good!  I declare this as I set about to do that which He has called me to do in these days...these days that seem to bring out the best (and worst) in all of us!  Before I go, I sit on the porch and watch...

The mighty oaks are dancing in

the early morning breeze,
reminding me to start the day
with His provided ease.
It comes from Him Who has all things
inside His mighty palm;
His peace is past explaining,
His love is soothing calm!
And the day, itself, already it
is ordered and ordained.
He knew from the beginning
everything that it contained.
And He made provision, made
exception and provided;
I must only follow that still,
small voice by which I'm guided!
For this day, it will contain the best
and worst in everyone;
we must but keep our focus forward
on His only Son!
Enjoy the blessings, do not let
those distractions hinder;
and the trials that may come, we may
mark "Return to sender!"

The mighty oaks are dancing--we

are called to do the same!
For victory, above the stresses,
we may freely claim!
More so to enjoy the gifts
out of His very hand;
just like this early-morning breeze
that none may understand!

Life gets more and more complicated...things arise daily to test us and attempt to stress us...BUT GOD provides what we need to prosper through them, and even enjoy the surroundings.  Again, GOD IS SO GOOD!


Sunday, May 17, 2020


The days that are have caused some of the most free to realize that there are limitations.  A lot of folks don't want to hear that, but so are the times we are in...

To live above the limitations--

it's possible, you know!
For God, He is alive in you,
so, past them, you can go!
He knows your capabilities,
and He improves the same;
regardless of the situation,
there is victory to claim!

No matter how bad things appear

HE has another view!
He sees it everywhere you are
and wants the best for you!
He even sees 'impossible'
as 'opportunity!'
Follow His lead every step,
victorious you'll be!

'Living as He purposed,' we

can do but all the day!
He'll never give us more than we
can handle--that's HIS way!
Regardless what is happening,
He blesses and rewards;
the very best, to them that ask,
He liberally affords!

'The God Who freely gives;'

with Him this writer lives;
His heart this person knows--
prosperity thus grows!

God gives.  That's His nature.  There is so much going on in life right now that no one understands.  There are, however, things that go on that we CAN understand, and God is the One Who gives them!  Seek those wonderful things!


Saturday, May 16, 2020


Life has changed of late in so many ways.  Ways that some of us could NEVER have imagined!  One thing has NOT changed, however, and He is STILL in control!

The glory and the majesty--
the same, so far outweigh
the trials and tribulations we
encounter in the day!
His very Presence be that refuge
needed so by all,
and He avails it freely--
all you have to do is call!

"Your arms, oh Lord, how can a word

so aptly capture such?!
You are so glorious and, yet,
You offer us Your touch!
You hold...You lead us in
the way that we should go;
so far as, our last destination,
You already know!
For You have prepared a perfect place
for all men to reside!
If we shall trust You and obey,
we shall not be denied!

The glory and the majesty

to One, alone, belong;
And all throughout the day we hear
the echoes of Your song
wafting through whatever life
may be casting our way.
We hear...we follow and we serve You
throughout EVERY day!"

The days that are so vary for each and all of us.  The challenges of each day differ for all of us.  There is but ONE constant: Jesus Christ.  Love Him.  Hate Him.  Deny Him.  He remains real, constant and available for That Refuge each of us needs.


Friday, May 15, 2020

Be there for it!

Outreach.  Ministry.  Service.  God has a myriad of ways to get you involved...IF you are willing.  But what will it look like?

How humbling to help someone 

you do not even know?
To do the very same, but say,
to what lengths would one go?
'But who IS my neighbor?' 
'Tis a query oh so old;
the answer to the same--but who
could count how many told?

"Sir, can you help me tie this hook

onto my fishing line?"
The very same to turn to an 
appointment so divine!
"Can you direct me, sir, on how
to get to Dry Run Creek?"
And in the conversation comes
such opportune unique!

So very simple be such contact,

often without thought;
with each such opportunity
all glory God has got!
Avail yourself with abandon,
know His glory touch!
Healing, growth and blessing--they
all emanate from such!

In this day and age of apprehension and evil there are certainly opportunities to reach out and 'minister.'  'Ministry' does not always mean standing behind a pulpit or a collar and delivering what God puts on your heart.  Sometimes, it walks right up to you with the most simple of requests!  Be there for it!  It is greatly rewarding, and GOD gets all the glory!


Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Person and the Place

Sanity.  When will it return?
So oft I look around and wonder, only to realize that folks probably look at me and wonder the same thing!
Oh, but I know a Person and a Place where it exists, and He allows me access at all hours!

There is a Place where everything makes sense,

and only ME, access to such, prevents!
The arms of God receptive are always,
even in these times and in these days!
The world may have me for so many hours,
(the very same, such precious time, devours!)
BUT GOD, invites me always to His place
where there exists a different life and pace!
Who can word the way it is with Him?
The folks who know His Presence--just ask them!
It makes no sense at all to those without,
oh, but it is everything to them that be devout!

Yes, there is a Place above life's insanity.

He created it especially for such as we!
Go there often daily, and take a friend!
It is an essential part of life until the end.

The Secret Place.  It is known to those who belong to Him, but it is NOT meant to be kept secret!  The entire world needs to know about it, and it can only be explained by those who have been there!


Wednesday, May 13, 2020


People.  Hearts.  Disasters.  Pandemics. 
Why is it that 'emergencies' seem to bring out the best (and the worst) in us?  'From a distance,' I have seen more acts of kindness happen during COVID-19 than I have in years!  (Along with hoarding toilet paper!)  Seriously, why does it take 'disaster' for hearts to kick into gear?

My brother is in trouble,

but what can this man do?
I know exactly what he needs,
and I know what to do.
But will I let the 'glances' hinder?
Will I shun his need?
I be not quite a man if I
let ANYTHING impede!!
If I cannot provide, I know
the ones who probably can.
Because he asks for help makes him
not any less a man!
And even if he doesn't ask
Holy Spirit tells my heart!
And if I thus ignore HIM--
utter failure on MY part!

My brother needs assistance

and, though he may be proud,
the whisper to my heart becomes
increasingly more loud!
I CAN take care of this because
of GOD'S ability,
because He is so trustworthy 
in taking care of me!

In the days that are, we do not have to look far to find someone that is needing, that is hurting.  God provides.  And whatever we expend to another God will increase that and return it to us!  It is a principle that is as old as time itself, and it never fails!


Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day, 2020

Precious and priceless are the memories of mom!  As some celebrate with their mothers today, others of us celebrate with the memories of her.  Memories that ALWAYS bring a smile!

How many are there knowing of

my mother and her love?
With certainty I can declare
that there are PLENTY of!
Walking halls of memory
many volumes would provide
but this day would the writer focus
on one only side:
We NEVER went without a meal
that she produced by heart!
Though picky I, a variety
of meals did she impart!
Regardless of the budget or
whatever daddy's wage,
she turned it into satisfaction
to the final page!
And in those latter days of life
us kids busy with success, 
she found so many other folks
to cook for and to bless! crews...
strangers stopping by,
all benefitted from her gifts:
appetites to satisfy!

I thank God for a mother that

was absent not at all,
but, loving, generous, concerned
about any that would call!
She is still very missed by us
and others in this place!
"Thank You, God, for crafting my mom
with Your wondrous grace!"

God is so good.  He gave mothers to as gifts and blessings to appreciate and to love us...and for us to return the same.  Some of us have mothers that are this, others have motherly figures that do the same.  They are all appreciated this day and every day!


Wonderful affirmations!

With 'life' happening the way it is, with so much uncertainty in the world, it is so refreshing and restorative to stand in the face of it with affirmations that will NEVER change!

He is holy!  He is perfect!

He is high above!
He is aware of everything,
and He is filled with love!
Though wary and concerned, He's 
empathetic to each state;
Father God--so wonderful,
so glorious, so great!
All that happens everywhere,
naught escapes His sight!
Abandon us He NEVER will,
for we are His delight!
He has THE plan for every day
throughout eternity!
Loving has He been, and loving
He will ever be!

Father God--protective of

His family--loved so!
O call upon Him!  Know His Son
and, oh, His fulness know!
And then to know Him newer with
each mercy, on and on...
Into His fulness cast yourself--
for God will NEVER be gone! 

So loving, perfect and affirming be the love of God!  And it is freely dispensed to any and to all!  You don't even have to ask Him, but He is always ready with open arms if you do!


Saturday, May 9, 2020

Down at the River

While others hold their fishing poles, I hold my pen--ready, set and willing to capture the message that He is so faithful to give.  See it with me...

The current be so rapid as
the breeze picks up a bit;
though multicolored be the sky,
each tree is brightly lit!
Though silence is, so many songs
are wafting through the air
from many colors on the wing--
no artist may compare!

The solitude...the silence...

the symphony of life--
all used by God Creator to
alleviate the strife!
He knew of the necessity
of such a time as this;
and He prefers, this time so prime,
we do not ever miss!

The current and the level, they

have yet to fluctuate;
the glory of His Presence, too,
remains so very great!
What sweet escape and respite from
the norm of 'everyday'
without cost, beyond all price,
from Him Who makes a way!

The times and seasons that are require each of us to set aside a time to get away to where nothing else is... save His glorious creation!  Find that place often in YOUR life, lest life itself overwhelms you!


Friday, May 8, 2020


A glorious new morning.  A far cry from what the forecast said last evening.  Praise God!

The weather came and went...

much energy was spent...
so much less damage done
than thought by anyone.
The aftermath to hold
landscapes so bright and bold!
And God stands next to me
before such brilliancy!

With all the busyness,

the wonder and the mess,
this time--essential so
for everyone to know!
As life, it varies much
with duties, deeds and such;
how many can just pause
to behold the 'oohs' and 'ahhs?'

For God provides this time.

To Him, it is most prime!
Despite life's storms and pains,
great life He contains
and avails to one and all
who, faithfully, would call!
Yea, the weather, so unstable;
BUT GOD is ever-able!

Yes, storms WILL come and go, but God remains constant.  Yes, the storms will come, and damage may be sustained, but new life is always the result.  Sometimes, it just takes effort to behold.


Tuesday, May 5, 2020

HIS Restoration!

We all have a job to do.  Most of us did it as best as we could, and now we feel it!  BUT GOD does not leave us or forsake us, and He comes once again to this man...

"When strength is absent from this man

You're present with Your Own;
when life events has drained and strained,
Your grace becomes so known!
Behind Your shield, I rest from all
that's happening around;
You keep me stable, strengthen me
and see that I am sound!

The days that are be yet a season

we must ALL go through.
With YOUR abilities, we do
that which we never could!
You see it all.  You know the end
from the beginning, Jesus Lord,
thus, unto them that seek Your face,
great strength do You afford!

No way to face the days that are

save in Your mighty hand!
You are victorious regardless that
which goes on in the land!
And we be victors in You as,
upon Your Word we stand!
So do we as we cry out 
'COME QUICKLY...' as You command!"

Day is done yet once again.  There is no way I could have completed it without the strength of God inside of me and His fortitude cheering me on!  Though I am feeling the effects of the day, the feeling and knowledge of His Presence is far greater, AND HE WILL RESTORE!


Monday, May 4, 2020

Do your best!

Day is done...for most of us.  We did all that we could considering the circumstances, and we must trust and leave the outcome to Him.  Can you do that?  Can you honestly 'rest?'

I did what I could do
but all the whole day through.
The hours now are passed,
now, fellowship at last!
Just Jesus Christ and I
beneath uncertain sky;
it's necessary time--
moments, o so prime!

Yes, the working hours went their way.

One more complicated, busy day.
BUT GOD now offers me retreat--
sweet rest and peace here at his feet.
It is a place that ALL folks need,
but it's a call not many heed!
It is a grand and glorious place,
sometimes simple, but always grace!

You have a calling, as do I.

We do our best, (at least we try.)
And HE sees to it we succeed!
And 'rest' is not a 'want,' it's NEED!
See to it that you get that rest
so that you can be at your best
for that which He has called you for;
'success' will happen all the more!

Do all that you can as best as you can with all that you can...AND GOD WILL DO THE REST!  I promise you!  It is a process that He ordered before time began, and it has yet to fail!


Sunday, May 3, 2020

We CAN do!

Life has recently forced our hand at deciding between 'necessity' and 'convenience.'  'Luxury' has briefly faded slightly, and rightly so.  That does not mean, however, that we are without.  It has merely caused a shift in vision and priority.

We cannot go and buy the things

that, freely, we used to;
we cannot even go relax
the way we used to do;
'You can't do can do that...'
by orderings of man,
but very few be focusing 
on what we HAVE and CAN:
We can go out and behold 
the workings of His hands,
see the mighty wonderments
God makes across the lands!
We CAN enjoy the ones we love,
we CAN enjoy The Lord,
we CAN pick up the phone and contact
someone we've adored;
and we CAN enjoy the peace that God
provides--for naught can touch!
We can savor His assurance through
His voice, His Word, His clutch!
His love for such as we outweighs
the limits of the day;
and His face tells us the days that are,
they will not be for aye!
Find comfort, therefore, knowing life
goes on...adjustments made.
His awareness hasn't left,
it did not even fade.
And we WILL arrive, victorious,
when HE says it is time.
Keep pressing on--though you can't 
see reason or see rhyme!

"To everything there is a season..."  Written so long ago, alive unto this day.  Cling to the truths that cannot be shaken or disrupted by ANYTHING, not even a virus!


Friday, May 1, 2020

A Place of Necessity!

Taking a breath for a moment from the race that is in certain places.  I look out the window and

As I behold the storm so far from me,

I'm reminded of where clouds no longer be!
Transported am I to that Perfect Place,
and there I walk beside my Jesus, Lord of Grace!
I am given respite from the trials that be,
as we walk there and converse at liberty!
He explains to me that He is very much aware
of all that's happening now everywhere!
And, for such a time as this does He remind
that His abundant peace may ANY find!

And, as we walk, He makes me realize

that this Perfect Place is not JUST in the skies--
He avails it to us in the here and now
to empower us to cling tightly to His vow!

O know that peace ye, in whatever state!
It is not just for the 'holy' or the 'great;
it is freely given to ANY that would call
and realize that JESUS--He is ALL!
And no matter whether clouds be in your sight,
He yet provides abundance of delight
and healing, peace and overwhelming grace!
O join me, won't you, in that Necessary Place?

There is a Place that is so necessary in the days we find ourselves in, and it is closer than you think!  Just find a place where you can call the Name of Jesus, and He will meet you there at any time!  Enjoy!