Friday, April 10, 2020

Without words

The week has been a roller coaster of emotion.  The crowds...the garden...the has taken toll on so many, especially One.  That ONE, however, knew all along what would be, and what is to come.  Still, it does not lessen the pain and agony of it all!

The scourge of cords...the mockery...

the judgment and the trial...
the disgust amongst the most devout
endured He all the while;
the wooden cross, the metal spikes,
the sepulcher now sealed...
He told us all about it saying
'glory' would be revealed?!!

And now, it's Friday evening,

how could ANYTHING be 'good?'
Only from a distance can we
see it really would!
But what hope had they back there amidst
the agony and pain?!
The loss of such a Wonderment--
but how could such be 'gain?'

We see it from a distance and

rejoice but all the day!
Tortured, crucified and buried--
oh, but not to stay!!
Friday was catastrophic, oh,
Cling to that Hope we know as Truth
and be NOT led astray!!

We read about what He went through.  Holy Spirit reveals it to our spirits.  And all the while Jesus emboldens us to be heartened, (as His Word NEVER fails,) because SUNDAY is on it's way!


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