Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Who could fathom?

In the days that we are in, folks are finding ways to be creative in reaching out and ministering.  It will not be said 'Why has it taken this to _________,' because there is but ONE Who knows what is, what will be, and the motives of the heart.

Tradition, to its very core,

be shaken as we know.
Can the very same be used
to prosper and to grow?
Taking us to the unknown
requires us to trust;
in the hour, in the day,
our faith--it be a MUST!

Some no longer have an option...

no more 'luxury...'
even those with 'perfect' faith
now suffer horribly!
That which we thought we might escape,
the same, it may be here!
For such a time as this, my friend,
how many persevere?

BUT GOD, for He remains the same;

and SOLID be His very claim!
Though so unstable be this place,
trustworthy, yet, be His great grace!
And CERTAIN be the path ahead
for the people 'Spirit-led!'
Cling to that which CANNOT be shaken--
to Paradise shall ye be taken!

God remains the same;

all glory to His Name!
Affirms He to the mass
"This too, this too shall pass!"

God's got this.  Though man may be yet puzzled and scrambling for answers, there is a calm yet availed from One alone: Father God.  Cling to His perfect peace as you go about your day doing all you can.


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