Thursday, April 9, 2020

We are STILL Blessed!!

We are not without!
In spite of all that we see and hear, we are NOT without!

We can't go to the lake and swim,

we cannot even fish!
But we can reach a loved one and
give ear unto their wish;
we can call a friend we know,
or a neighbor that's alone--
the effect that such would have
will not be fully known!
And we can look to Jesus,
freely with Him to converse!
He fully understands what it's like
to presume the worse!
And He's the ONLY One to get us
through the times that are!
For such a time as this, He bore 
a very costly scar!!

No, we are not without.  in fact,

we are so very blessed!
In spite of this world's situation
He gives us the best!
Oh, see the best in everything--
it isn't hard to do;
it only takes the realization
that he cares for even you!

Angry?  Frustrated?  Disappointed?  Disgusted?  Know that there are several hundred thousand people in this life are denied those feelings right now due to something they have nothing to do with!!  Turn those negative emotions into prayers for yourself and others and watch the transformation that Jesus Christ can do!  


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