Monday, April 20, 2020

Unstable Times

Busy...busy...busy...even when we are just staying at home!  The airwaves, however, are even busier with news, announcements and warnings that so easily stress us out...IF we let them!

So many are the voices!
Wherefore to find then hope?
So very much uncertainty--
in such, can any cope?
So many different channels
all telling us one thing;
even the morning paper brings
so little cause to sing!

BUT GOD is yet aware of all!
These days are no surprise.
Cling to Him.  Trust in His Word.
All 'logic' He defies!
And His Blood--it is yet potent, and
to us, it is availed!
He is alive.  He is aware.
And He has NEVER failed!

No sickness, virus or disease

affects established Word.
You are special, you are loved
and, surely, you are heard!
Trust Him with all diligence
and do not even doubt.
He understands.  He feels your heart;
and you are NOT without!

We are children of the Most High God.  The world may not understand this, the enemy HATES it, but it is settled truth!  Being such, we have access to a Peace that transcends any and all things happening around us!  Savor that Peace.  Be vigilant.  Press on as best you can KNOWING that GOD HAS GOT THIS!


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