Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The waiting wonder!

DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL!  Wait, go ahead, turn it off, go out and look at what God has created this afternoon for our viewing pleasure...

The cliffs--they are dramatic in
the fading afternoon;
the setting sun will light them up
and make them glow so soon!
There is a  billowed thunderhead,
so massive in it's height!
It's colors are so vivid and
it's anything but white!

Creation does not stop due to

a 'risk' or 'quarantine.'
Spring is very much alive
and blessing us with green!
The order God has set in place
so very long ago
no man or 'event' can prevent,
and, right now, does it show!
Glorious, majestic are
the colors on display;
and praise and adoration, they
are flowing Heaven-way!

The stream...the hills so green...

so peaceful and serene!
Praise God!  He's so alive
and, through it all, His glories thrive!

A very sweet distraction from the days that we are in: God's amazing touch!  Open your eyes.  Look around and appreciate His handiwork wherever you are.  It is ALWAYS a welcome respite!


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