Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The news is not all bad!

No matter what channel we have it matter what station is matter what page we turn the paper seems to be all bad.  However, a greater Truth comes into play here, and we must be aware of it!

Though we see it come from every front,
the news is not ALL bad!
Advancements come in at a rate
that we have never had!
There is still GOOD that's happening
in spite of all that's heard;
yes, there IS good, and it abounds
out of His holy Word!

Though life has thrown a curve at us

here in the days that are
there is GOOD that yet abounds,
and it is never far!
Sometimes, we must put effort into
finding what is 'good,'
He promises, though, it is there,
and. look for it, we should!

Though news comes constantly, sometimes

but we must shut it off!
Take a breath from that so constant,
lest ye always scoff!
There is a time to be aware
and firmly stand your guard;
but resting from the very same--
for some, it be so hard!

The season we are living in is, to say the least, 'intense and challenging!'  We must, however, also take time to savor the rest that only God can provide.  He is ALWAYS available, ever-aware, and He knows exactly what is going on right now and beyond.

Rest in Him!

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