Tuesday, April 14, 2020

That ONE Thing

We all have busy schedules.  We all have different schedules and tasks.  There is ONE thing, however, that be a necessity in each of our lives!

In the morning, in the evening,

even all throughout the day,
worship of the Risen Savior
is the ONLY way!
Incorporating God into
whatever must be done
ensures completion of the project:
victory to be won!

But in the morning, when the task

has yet to even start,
conversation with my Father--
it is heart-to-heart;
no project, person or distraction
there to interfere
we have each other's full attention--
it is time so dear!

Whenever is that special time

there in the secret place,
rife be there His mercies and
His overwhelming grace!
His love--there it is tangible
and glorious always!
Savor fellowship with God
but ALL THROUGHOUT the days!!

In the times we are in, my morning may be someone else's evening...their evening may be someone else's lunchbreak...etc.  It doesn't matter: GOD IS CONSTANT!  And His attentiveness never wanes!  Just make sure you spend quality time with Him with nothing to distract.  The rewards are without number!


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