Monday, April 13, 2020

Something's up!

You have everything planned out.  You know what will happen when, how you will react to it, and what you are going to do afterward.  Then 'life' steps in...NOW what are you going to do?!

There is something going on that we
just CANNOT understand.
It's far beyond what we can see
that's fashioned by His hand.
A movement so unprecidented,
poignant and elite;
it is so much more than 'trial,'
and it WILL NOT defeat!

For God is in control. 

He retains your life and soul!
He knows ALL about your life--
from the ecstacy to strife!

There is something, and more than mere

'physical' does it go!
It is in the Spirit, and more great
than any 'man' could know!
Hold on, press in and stay the course
while trusting in His ways;
for whatever's going on will
ultimately bring Him praise!

None may explain it.  Few may fathom it.  All are affected by it, and God is fully aware of every aspect of it.  You are not alone.  If you are going through it, TRUST HIM COMPLETELY!  For He is God.  He is SO good!  And, somehow, He will be glorified through it all!  Can you accept that?


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