Thursday, April 30, 2020


The view is as I walk out on the deck and look out over the valley.  No newspaper yet, no morning news, coffee brewing as I meet Creator God for a little while.

Another glorious morning...
one more sweet hour of prayer;
two more hours of painful news?
O help me not find me there!
Though difficult the days that are,
and grim some outlooks be,
some greater Truths are yet availed
unto such as we!
Though some be ordered 'quarantined,' 
the sun, the sun will rise
and paint another masterpiece
across the land and skies!
The telephone is by your hand,
and we still have a voice,
and someone, somewhere longs to hear you--
cause them to rejoice!

Some be deemed 'essential,'

others be left out;
still others have no life left in them;
pray for those without!
Be grateful for ALL that you have,
even if it's only 'breath;'
and delve into that Book proclaiming
unto ALL "Thus saith...!"

This, too, shall pass, and life, it will

resemble normalcy.
Until that day, life yet exists
for eyes that truly see!
One there is Who feels your pain
and He will ALWAYS be!
Cling to Him.  Do all you can while
expecting that normalcy!

'This, too, shall pass...'  Words so ancient yet so alive and full of truth!  Cling to His Truth as you go about doing all you can...even if this may be a season that He calls for you to 'rest.'  For some of us, that takes quite an effort, but GOD IS ABLE!


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