Monday, April 6, 2020

Signs Most Welcome!!

Some of us are getting ready to go out and serve...some of us are being prevented from serving...and still some are quite unable to serve due to the days that are.  But ALL of us are able to do one thing: open up the drapes and

Once more, in the morning, I see
living come alive!
The wonder of the bloom and blossom:
Springtime to arrive!
Even on the limbs and branches
be a glory song
so welcomed and refreshing 'midst
what seems to be all wrong!

oh, the melody for the

diversity on limbs!
Each to play a special role
in the glorious hymns!
Each to have a voice unique,
so special and so sweet,
to greet us in the morning, so
to make our day complete!

Inhale, breathe deep, let arms arise

in overwhelming praise!
For God is Healing, Hope and Love
regardless of the days!
And sending fresh reminders of
the seen and the unseen!
Listen...look...take it all in
and savor the serene!

A select few of us are fortunate enough to still be able to rise up and go do what must be done.  NEVER take that for granted, as there are a greater number of us that are being denied such right now.  BUT DON'T GIVE UP!  'This, too, shall pass.'  In the meantime, enjoy His creation and do whatever you can wherever you are!


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