Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday Morning Wonder

A beautiful, sunny new morning.  Just what we need!  The shadows are still long...the sky is still blue...GOD IS STILL AWESOME AND INCREDIBLE...and there is a WHITE squirrel on the rail of the front porch!  God's creations are so awesome!

How often have I seen His

handiwork and looked away?
How many millions see we thinking
'Just another day?'
This morning am I captured by
the awe that so small;
He's eating kernels one-by-one
and holding me in awe!

Once more with my Father as

He fabricates the day.
I know it will contain the gamut
that so comes our way.
But Ii know He will be with me throughout
all that's happening,
and, through it all, there will be cause
for heart and soul to sing!

O see YOUR day with wonder and

'the mundane,' it will fade.
Life--it's a variety
and ALL of it He's made.
Regardless what you're going through
ask Him to show the best;
it will get you through the 'lows'
and, surely, you'll be blessed!

Truly, what I am looking at as I write this is quite rare.  However, there are daily, constant wonders from His hand that are just are wondrous right before YOUR eyes IF we stop and MAKE the time to realize it!


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