Sunday, April 19, 2020

Precious Hope!

The days being what they are, we see so many folks either losing hope or completely without it.  Such does not have to be!

HOPE--it's a commodity

no man can do without!
Without it, we be miserable,
succumbing unto doubt.
But with it, we can press on with
our heads remaining high--
the Hope we know, He never fails,
He lives and CANNOT die!

Jesus--the Provider of

that hope that cannot fail.
He knows your heart, your situation
and He will NOT fail!
That which you be facing now,
(or even going through,)
He's been through it before and He knows
exactly what to do!
THAT'S the blessed hope we have
as we go through each day!
Jesus to accompany
along the Narrow Way!
Press on, therefore, doing what
you can with what you've got;
Jesus has your back and, victory,
it will be your lot!

Continue to do all that you can, all that you are able, while you are able, and lose not hope!  God will do the rest,  He only asks that we do our part--whatever that may be--faithfully.  Even in trying times, even with limitations, He understands and will honor your efforts!


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