Monday, April 27, 2020

On the beach...

The waves continue rolling in
regardless what's in store;
they crash against the rocks and roll
along the empty shore;
the seagulls have discussion over
issues that come in
while the morning sun sheds light--
Monday to begin.

Looking to the north I see

nobody else at all...
beyond the jetty, past the pier,
only bay seals call...
looking south, as far as vision goes
it's empty, too!
But I walk not alone--I meet
with God in rendezvous!

And issues of the day, inside

his Presence disappear.
And that which matters most becomes
so evident, so clear!
He looks into my eyes and sees
the issues of the day,
and when He does, He takes concern
and stress so far away!

A single surfer now appears

as we walk down the beach.
It shows me how to face the day--
oh, what a way to teach!

So necessary is this lonely walk.  Even every day!  Lonely?  NEVER!  I have Creator God Most High right beside in conversation!  He provides wonders, answers, assurance and accompaniment at any and all times of day!

Trust Him completely!

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