Friday, April 24, 2020

"ME, ME, ME!"

In a world of panic, such would seem to become the state of the heart.  Even for the Christian?  How are YOU responding to the events of the day?

"Hurry up!  I'm on my way 
down to that store once more!
MOVE OVER!  I have got a list 
of more import than yours!!
I have to get supplies and stuff
regardless how YOU squeal!
SHUT UP!  I'm on a mission and
I don't care how you feel!
Stocking up on toilet paper,
canned goods and the like...
I need it not, but I must have it!
I don't care how many kids you have,
as long as I get MINE!
Call me selfish!  Call me evil!
As long as WE are fine!!"

What kind of a society

has this caused us to be?!
The best and worst in everyone
but each of us can see!
Instead of hoarding that which we
already have to spare,
we should dispense what others need
like mercy, grace and care!
The more that we dispense, the more
that Jesus will supply;
it is a principle that, unto
so much does apply!
Just be yourself and let God be
Himself THROUGH YOU always--
such will guarantee success
regardless of the days!

The days being what they are, we are beholding the true colors of one another.  Hearts become evident in light of such distress.  But why?!  We should be treating one another with dignity AT ALL TIMES!

Like it or not we, as His servants, are being watched.  And how we react in the days that are will affect the days of them that do not know Him yet.
Allow Him to brightly shine THROUGH you.  

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