Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Whether you admit to it or not, each of us need help in this life.  God knew we would, so He sent Holy Spirit.  He also sent another wonderful gift...

A Helper have we--One that never leaves.

The best in me He sees and He believes!
He gives me the necessities required
to reach success--even if I'm tired!
He knows me more, much more than any other;
He's more than friend, He's much more than a brother!
He helps me with whatever thing I need;
in situations all, He'll intercede!

Another helper--straight out of His hand:

He fashioned her and gifted her by hand!
He gives her patient, understanding love,
and precious tools at times I'm lacking of!
Somehow, with this man, she's satisfied.
At all times, she's right here at my side
to love me, to encourage and defend;
she is not 'just a wife,' she is a friend!

A helper--who am I deserving such?!

Even when I do not have the softest touch,
she never flinches, she does not retreat,
she yet provides to make this man complete!
A helper fashioned by the hand of God;
my accomplishments does she applaud.
I give her all the love that I am able
and, somehow, through HIS grace, remain we stable!

So very blessed is this man to have such a wife!  For almost 40 years now she has remained happily to married to me.  What's wrong with her?!  

'Thank You, Father, for blessing me with such a woman!'

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