Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Ever-present Peace!

Even in the days we live in?  Yes, it's possible.  Yes, HE is Present!

Peace--but is it possible

in days that are not so?
That which has transpired--
how could ANYBODY know?!
In uncertain times, we cling
unto the certainties;
fortunately, God the Father,
He has lots of these!

Peace must be accepted, even

when it has no 'feel;'
and Christ--He must be seen, even
when 'sight' cannot reveal!
He is alive.  He is at work,
and settled are the days;
we only must accept the truth:
His ways are not our ways!

Christ--He's the stability

that NOTHING can affect!
And He is reaching, He is touching,
every heart be checked!
Respond unto that Still Small Voice
that speaks to every heart
knowing that, no matter what,
in Christ YOU have a part!

He is Hope when it cannot be found...

stability--when there is no ground...
healing in catastrophe...
JESUS--true serenity!

What a wonderful Truth to cling to: JESUS CHRIST!  No one or no thing can affect His effect on life, and in life!  Enjoy His Presence in your heart and about your life regardless what else is going on.  He is aware of all!


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