Sunday, April 12, 2020

Celebration Day!

Yes, it IS Celebration Day: for Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!  In doing so, He won a battle WE could not fight...He defeated an enemy we could never conquer...and He did it all out of a love that we cannot fathom!


How can you not believe?!
For such scenario, but how
could ANYONE conceive??!
One cannot understand such truth
lest scales fall from the eyes;
for only then such awe and wonder
can one realize!

HE IS ALIVE!  It's Resurrection Day.

Now celebrate!
Scripture so alive regardless
of the time and date!
But greater--life availed to us
in Jesus Christ the Son;
the centuries of Scripture past
shout to us: IT IS DONE!

He is alive and reigning from

His throne upon the heights!
He is alive inside the heart
that, in Him now delights!
He is alive, in spite of
tribulation of the days;
'HE IS ALIVE!'  Shout out to Him
and give your deepest praise!

He is alive, and paradise--

it shall be evermore!
His suffering for us is done,
for that's what Easter is for!
Know Him for your own and know
the new life He can be!
In HIM only is your grace 
for all eternity!

Alive in Jesus.  The ONLY way to live a victorious life in the days that are and not lose hope!  God fully knew all that this life would contain, so He sent Jesus to go through what we could not, and provide that which we could never obtain!


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