Friday, April 17, 2020

But Why?!

Why does it seem like it takes a disaster to humble us, bring us together, unite us?  In the past several months, I have seen more acts of kindness between strangers than ever before!

In absolute disaster

'matters' greatly change;
priorities so differ as,
our lives, we rearrange;
simplicity becomes the norm
inside complexities;
the littlest things in life--we so
appreciate all of these!

Because we have 'slowed down' we notice

nuances of God?
Because we are 'alone' His blest
creation we applaud?
Because we all be 'equalized'
we bless each other more?
Such qualities--but they SHOULD be
part of our 'normal' store!

But look around...however small

your own world has become,
already is God benefitting
in the total sum!
And better people we shall be
when such as this is past!
Seeing life now with the heart
is how we're going to last!

So very many things that most of us have taken for granted for most (or all!) of our lives are now so very valuable!  Another's voice...a trip to the store...a leisurely walk...enjoy it all while you can and NEVER forget to thank God for such!


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