Saturday, April 11, 2020


On occasion, quite often probably, Jesus went off by Himself to get away from everyone and everything.  He did so to set an example for us.  How many of us could handle that?

So many are the issues,

distractions and events;
so many are the pleasures--even 
using common sense;
we fill our days with everything 
involving everyone,
when that which we require most
is fellowship with The Son!

The Father has ingrained in us

a need for fellowship;
yet, some would seek all other things
and, being with Him, skip!
Even going so far as
ignoring His blest call,
even though He WANTS our love
and has our wherewithal!

The enemy of 'fellowship'

is this life's 'busyness!'
Should we yield and spend time with Him
abundantly He'll bless!
Ignore the 'pulling' of this world
and MAKE that time with Him!
So wonderful be the rewards,
and life, it will not dim!

The more advanced we get, the more successful we become, the more distracted we are from 'quiet time--' that priceless time that God wants to spend with us and share what He has.

The world would say to us that unless we are doing something with every moment we have, we are not being productive.  God says otherwise!  Yes, there IS balance--but it involves moments of doing nothing at all but listening.  Can YOU handle that?

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