Saturday, April 4, 2020


Looking ahead.  What will it be like?  What will tomorrow hold?  Will we even live that long?  Only ONE has those answers.  But we, WE have assurances!

In Paradise at last!

All hindrances be past!
No more shackles of that life...
no more stresses, no more strife!
No more sickness or disease...
no more painful memories;
all is perfect, well and good
just like Jesus said it would!
And walking streets of gold!
Each moment, goodness to unfold!
The Father, Spirit and Son,
they all walk with us as One!

Life--it still goes on;

the familiar, though, is gone!
It is so much better here
that mere words cannot make clear!
No language known to man
can say what our eyes scan:
so beautiful, so new,
so shiny, bright and blue;
so friendly, loving too;
again, words have no clue!

Press on, press on, my friend!

For the end is NOT the end!
The trials and sufferings,
this Paradise, so brings!
And serving Him in life--
the glories and the strife--
it's worth, it's worth it all!

Yes, just a little longer yet and we will be There!  Don't give up.  No matter what you see, hear or feel, GOD'S GOT THIS, and His Promises are YEA AND AMEN!


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