Wednesday, April 1, 2020

And all the while...

Though life seems to come to halt in the days that are, busy it be yet for some!  And though the speed of life is varied greatly, there is a place of constancy, certainty and security.  It is set aside for The Select.  Are YOU among them?

The glory--it continues, yes,

eternal will it be!
It cannot be affected by
that which we feel of see!
Reality continues here,
while overshadowing all
be the Presence, be the Promise,
be His perfect Call!

Unaffected be eternity
by daily stress.
In spite of 'crisis,' He is able
to inspire and bless!
Amidst our panic and concern
He sees unto the end,
ever-reaching, ever-caring,
loving us as 'friend.'
And revealing glimpses of
the glory that awaits
in that Place where 'time' is not,
just there beyond those Gates!
Reminding us that time is short,
and 'crises' do not last!
Be edified, my brother, knowing
of His gifts amassed!

I implore you, be amongst those who shall savor that Perfect Place that God has created!  It is for those who are born again in Jesus Christ!!  O be ye saved today!!


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