Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Different State of Mind

So we find ourselves in right now.  (Or at least we should!)  Some of us have only known 'Look out for number one' all our lives! times have changed.

Is it a competition when

there's one thing to equate?
With all that's happening can there
be anyone more great?
One thing comes along affecting
everyone the same,
and, suddenly, we all are one,
and no longer is 'the game!'
Suddenly we all are one
with only One that's greater;
and we must help each other, 
as we're not guaranteed a 'later!'
Cooperation--it is key
if we are moving on;
'classes,' 'cliques' and 'finger pointing'
they must now be gone!
No longer be the luxury
that's been enjoyed called 'choice.'
One single thing has happened that
has unified the voice.
And watching it closely be The One
Who knows what outcomes be;
and not just 'watching,' but interceding
for eternity!

Yes, competition disappears

when ONE thing affects ALL.
Imploring God to help us help
each other be our call!
Doing all when there is only
so much we can do--
a temporary 'normal,' yes,
BUT GOD will see us through!

If we are still trying to be 'competitive' in a world that's crying out for us to work together, then we are sorely missing the mark!  There will be plenty of time to 'get ahead' when this is past.  Right now, it is time for us to look out for one another, pray for one another, and try to get along!

We're ALL in this together!

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