Sunday, April 26, 2020

A Church Unique

Sunday morning.
The days and circumstances being what they are, we can't really gather as a congregation, but that does NOT mean we can't have church.  And today, as I walk along, God Most High walks with me...

All creation pays attention

as God walks along.
He reminds us of all that's 'right'
amidst what's going 'wrong.'
And, once more, He brings that assurance
He isn't gone, He is alive,
and, still, He makes things whole!

Not only does He make sure days

start beautiful and new
by providing yet another
fresh and glorious view,
He gives a fresh, new dose of His
assurance and his peace.
He opens up His arms and, there,
the 'race' can briefly cease.

Everything that life would bring

He has an answer for.
We may not understand it all,
but He provides the door.
Walk through that door and find relief
and peace that passes all;
if you can't make it to that door,
His awesome Name, just call!

Creation--it attends,

for they are best of friends!
And YOU can have the same,
just call His Mighty Name!

Yes, Sunday Morning service with Jesus Himself!  So glorious, so wonderful, so beautiful out in His creation!  Enjoy it.  Enjoy HIM, and notice Him in places that you may not have before!


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