Thursday, April 30, 2020


The view is as I walk out on the deck and look out over the valley.  No newspaper yet, no morning news, coffee brewing as I meet Creator God for a little while.

Another glorious morning...
one more sweet hour of prayer;
two more hours of painful news?
O help me not find me there!
Though difficult the days that are,
and grim some outlooks be,
some greater Truths are yet availed
unto such as we!
Though some be ordered 'quarantined,' 
the sun, the sun will rise
and paint another masterpiece
across the land and skies!
The telephone is by your hand,
and we still have a voice,
and someone, somewhere longs to hear you--
cause them to rejoice!

Some be deemed 'essential,'

others be left out;
still others have no life left in them;
pray for those without!
Be grateful for ALL that you have,
even if it's only 'breath;'
and delve into that Book proclaiming
unto ALL "Thus saith...!"

This, too, shall pass, and life, it will

resemble normalcy.
Until that day, life yet exists
for eyes that truly see!
One there is Who feels your pain
and He will ALWAYS be!
Cling to Him.  Do all you can while
expecting that normalcy!

'This, too, shall pass...'  Words so ancient yet so alive and full of truth!  Cling to His Truth as you go about doing all you can...even if this may be a season that He calls for you to 'rest.'  For some of us, that takes quite an effort, but GOD IS ABLE!


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The news is not all bad!

No matter what channel we have it matter what station is matter what page we turn the paper seems to be all bad.  However, a greater Truth comes into play here, and we must be aware of it!

Though we see it come from every front,
the news is not ALL bad!
Advancements come in at a rate
that we have never had!
There is still GOOD that's happening
in spite of all that's heard;
yes, there IS good, and it abounds
out of His holy Word!

Though life has thrown a curve at us

here in the days that are
there is GOOD that yet abounds,
and it is never far!
Sometimes, we must put effort into
finding what is 'good,'
He promises, though, it is there,
and. look for it, we should!

Though news comes constantly, sometimes

but we must shut it off!
Take a breath from that so constant,
lest ye always scoff!
There is a time to be aware
and firmly stand your guard;
but resting from the very same--
for some, it be so hard!

The season we are living in is, to say the least, 'intense and challenging!'  We must, however, also take time to savor the rest that only God can provide.  He is ALWAYS available, ever-aware, and He knows exactly what is going on right now and beyond.

Rest in Him!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Ever-present Peace!

Even in the days we live in?  Yes, it's possible.  Yes, HE is Present!

Peace--but is it possible

in days that are not so?
That which has transpired--
how could ANYBODY know?!
In uncertain times, we cling
unto the certainties;
fortunately, God the Father,
He has lots of these!

Peace must be accepted, even

when it has no 'feel;'
and Christ--He must be seen, even
when 'sight' cannot reveal!
He is alive.  He is at work,
and settled are the days;
we only must accept the truth:
His ways are not our ways!

Christ--He's the stability

that NOTHING can affect!
And He is reaching, He is touching,
every heart be checked!
Respond unto that Still Small Voice
that speaks to every heart
knowing that, no matter what,
in Christ YOU have a part!

He is Hope when it cannot be found...

stability--when there is no ground...
healing in catastrophe...
JESUS--true serenity!

What a wonderful Truth to cling to: JESUS CHRIST!  No one or no thing can affect His effect on life, and in life!  Enjoy His Presence in your heart and about your life regardless what else is going on.  He is aware of all!


Monday, April 27, 2020

On the beach...

The waves continue rolling in
regardless what's in store;
they crash against the rocks and roll
along the empty shore;
the seagulls have discussion over
issues that come in
while the morning sun sheds light--
Monday to begin.

Looking to the north I see

nobody else at all...
beyond the jetty, past the pier,
only bay seals call...
looking south, as far as vision goes
it's empty, too!
But I walk not alone--I meet
with God in rendezvous!

And issues of the day, inside

his Presence disappear.
And that which matters most becomes
so evident, so clear!
He looks into my eyes and sees
the issues of the day,
and when He does, He takes concern
and stress so far away!

A single surfer now appears

as we walk down the beach.
It shows me how to face the day--
oh, what a way to teach!

So necessary is this lonely walk.  Even every day!  Lonely?  NEVER!  I have Creator God Most High right beside in conversation!  He provides wonders, answers, assurance and accompaniment at any and all times of day!

Trust Him completely!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

A Church Unique

Sunday morning.
The days and circumstances being what they are, we can't really gather as a congregation, but that does NOT mean we can't have church.  And today, as I walk along, God Most High walks with me...

All creation pays attention

as God walks along.
He reminds us of all that's 'right'
amidst what's going 'wrong.'
And, once more, He brings that assurance
He isn't gone, He is alive,
and, still, He makes things whole!

Not only does He make sure days

start beautiful and new
by providing yet another
fresh and glorious view,
He gives a fresh, new dose of His
assurance and his peace.
He opens up His arms and, there,
the 'race' can briefly cease.

Everything that life would bring

He has an answer for.
We may not understand it all,
but He provides the door.
Walk through that door and find relief
and peace that passes all;
if you can't make it to that door,
His awesome Name, just call!

Creation--it attends,

for they are best of friends!
And YOU can have the same,
just call His Mighty Name!

Yes, Sunday Morning service with Jesus Himself!  So glorious, so wonderful, so beautiful out in His creation!  Enjoy it.  Enjoy HIM, and notice Him in places that you may not have before!


Friday, April 24, 2020

"ME, ME, ME!"

In a world of panic, such would seem to become the state of the heart.  Even for the Christian?  How are YOU responding to the events of the day?

"Hurry up!  I'm on my way 
down to that store once more!
MOVE OVER!  I have got a list 
of more import than yours!!
I have to get supplies and stuff
regardless how YOU squeal!
SHUT UP!  I'm on a mission and
I don't care how you feel!
Stocking up on toilet paper,
canned goods and the like...
I need it not, but I must have it!
I don't care how many kids you have,
as long as I get MINE!
Call me selfish!  Call me evil!
As long as WE are fine!!"

What kind of a society

has this caused us to be?!
The best and worst in everyone
but each of us can see!
Instead of hoarding that which we
already have to spare,
we should dispense what others need
like mercy, grace and care!
The more that we dispense, the more
that Jesus will supply;
it is a principle that, unto
so much does apply!
Just be yourself and let God be
Himself THROUGH YOU always--
such will guarantee success
regardless of the days!

The days being what they are, we are beholding the true colors of one another.  Hearts become evident in light of such distress.  But why?!  We should be treating one another with dignity AT ALL TIMES!

Like it or not we, as His servants, are being watched.  And how we react in the days that are will affect the days of them that do not know Him yet.
Allow Him to brightly shine THROUGH you.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Different State of Mind

So we find ourselves in right now.  (Or at least we should!)  Some of us have only known 'Look out for number one' all our lives! times have changed.

Is it a competition when

there's one thing to equate?
With all that's happening can there
be anyone more great?
One thing comes along affecting
everyone the same,
and, suddenly, we all are one,
and no longer is 'the game!'
Suddenly we all are one
with only One that's greater;
and we must help each other, 
as we're not guaranteed a 'later!'
Cooperation--it is key
if we are moving on;
'classes,' 'cliques' and 'finger pointing'
they must now be gone!
No longer be the luxury
that's been enjoyed called 'choice.'
One single thing has happened that
has unified the voice.
And watching it closely be The One
Who knows what outcomes be;
and not just 'watching,' but interceding
for eternity!

Yes, competition disappears

when ONE thing affects ALL.
Imploring God to help us help
each other be our call!
Doing all when there is only
so much we can do--
a temporary 'normal,' yes,
BUT GOD will see us through!

If we are still trying to be 'competitive' in a world that's crying out for us to work together, then we are sorely missing the mark!  There will be plenty of time to 'get ahead' when this is past.  Right now, it is time for us to look out for one another, pray for one another, and try to get along!

We're ALL in this together!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The waiting wonder!

DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL!  Wait, go ahead, turn it off, go out and look at what God has created this afternoon for our viewing pleasure...

The cliffs--they are dramatic in
the fading afternoon;
the setting sun will light them up
and make them glow so soon!
There is a  billowed thunderhead,
so massive in it's height!
It's colors are so vivid and
it's anything but white!

Creation does not stop due to

a 'risk' or 'quarantine.'
Spring is very much alive
and blessing us with green!
The order God has set in place
so very long ago
no man or 'event' can prevent,
and, right now, does it show!
Glorious, majestic are
the colors on display;
and praise and adoration, they
are flowing Heaven-way!

The stream...the hills so green...

so peaceful and serene!
Praise God!  He's so alive
and, through it all, His glories thrive!

A very sweet distraction from the days that we are in: God's amazing touch!  Open your eyes.  Look around and appreciate His handiwork wherever you are.  It is ALWAYS a welcome respite!


Monday, April 20, 2020

Unstable Times

Busy...busy...busy...even when we are just staying at home!  The airwaves, however, are even busier with news, announcements and warnings that so easily stress us out...IF we let them!

So many are the voices!
Wherefore to find then hope?
So very much uncertainty--
in such, can any cope?
So many different channels
all telling us one thing;
even the morning paper brings
so little cause to sing!

BUT GOD is yet aware of all!
These days are no surprise.
Cling to Him.  Trust in His Word.
All 'logic' He defies!
And His Blood--it is yet potent, and
to us, it is availed!
He is alive.  He is aware.
And He has NEVER failed!

No sickness, virus or disease

affects established Word.
You are special, you are loved
and, surely, you are heard!
Trust Him with all diligence
and do not even doubt.
He understands.  He feels your heart;
and you are NOT without!

We are children of the Most High God.  The world may not understand this, the enemy HATES it, but it is settled truth!  Being such, we have access to a Peace that transcends any and all things happening around us!  Savor that Peace.  Be vigilant.  Press on as best you can KNOWING that GOD HAS GOT THIS!


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Precious Hope!

The days being what they are, we see so many folks either losing hope or completely without it.  Such does not have to be!

HOPE--it's a commodity

no man can do without!
Without it, we be miserable,
succumbing unto doubt.
But with it, we can press on with
our heads remaining high--
the Hope we know, He never fails,
He lives and CANNOT die!

Jesus--the Provider of

that hope that cannot fail.
He knows your heart, your situation
and He will NOT fail!
That which you be facing now,
(or even going through,)
He's been through it before and He knows
exactly what to do!
THAT'S the blessed hope we have
as we go through each day!
Jesus to accompany
along the Narrow Way!
Press on, therefore, doing what
you can with what you've got;
Jesus has your back and, victory,
it will be your lot!

Continue to do all that you can, all that you are able, while you are able, and lose not hope!  God will do the rest,  He only asks that we do our part--whatever that may be--faithfully.  Even in trying times, even with limitations, He understands and will honor your efforts!


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday Morning Wonder

A beautiful, sunny new morning.  Just what we need!  The shadows are still long...the sky is still blue...GOD IS STILL AWESOME AND INCREDIBLE...and there is a WHITE squirrel on the rail of the front porch!  God's creations are so awesome!

How often have I seen His

handiwork and looked away?
How many millions see we thinking
'Just another day?'
This morning am I captured by
the awe that so small;
He's eating kernels one-by-one
and holding me in awe!

Once more with my Father as

He fabricates the day.
I know it will contain the gamut
that so comes our way.
But Ii know He will be with me throughout
all that's happening,
and, through it all, there will be cause
for heart and soul to sing!

O see YOUR day with wonder and

'the mundane,' it will fade.
Life--it's a variety
and ALL of it He's made.
Regardless what you're going through
ask Him to show the best;
it will get you through the 'lows'
and, surely, you'll be blessed!

Truly, what I am looking at as I write this is quite rare.  However, there are daily, constant wonders from His hand that are just are wondrous right before YOUR eyes IF we stop and MAKE the time to realize it!


Friday, April 17, 2020

But Why?!

Why does it seem like it takes a disaster to humble us, bring us together, unite us?  In the past several months, I have seen more acts of kindness between strangers than ever before!

In absolute disaster

'matters' greatly change;
priorities so differ as,
our lives, we rearrange;
simplicity becomes the norm
inside complexities;
the littlest things in life--we so
appreciate all of these!

Because we have 'slowed down' we notice

nuances of God?
Because we are 'alone' His blest
creation we applaud?
Because we all be 'equalized'
we bless each other more?
Such qualities--but they SHOULD be
part of our 'normal' store!

But look around...however small

your own world has become,
already is God benefitting
in the total sum!
And better people we shall be
when such as this is past!
Seeing life now with the heart
is how we're going to last!

So very many things that most of us have taken for granted for most (or all!) of our lives are now so very valuable!  Another's voice...a trip to the store...a leisurely walk...enjoy it all while you can and NEVER forget to thank God for such!


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

That ONE Thing

We all have busy schedules.  We all have different schedules and tasks.  There is ONE thing, however, that be a necessity in each of our lives!

In the morning, in the evening,

even all throughout the day,
worship of the Risen Savior
is the ONLY way!
Incorporating God into
whatever must be done
ensures completion of the project:
victory to be won!

But in the morning, when the task

has yet to even start,
conversation with my Father--
it is heart-to-heart;
no project, person or distraction
there to interfere
we have each other's full attention--
it is time so dear!

Whenever is that special time

there in the secret place,
rife be there His mercies and
His overwhelming grace!
His love--there it is tangible
and glorious always!
Savor fellowship with God
but ALL THROUGHOUT the days!!

In the times we are in, my morning may be someone else's evening...their evening may be someone else's lunchbreak...etc.  It doesn't matter: GOD IS CONSTANT!  And His attentiveness never wanes!  Just make sure you spend quality time with Him with nothing to distract.  The rewards are without number!


Monday, April 13, 2020

Something's up!

You have everything planned out.  You know what will happen when, how you will react to it, and what you are going to do afterward.  Then 'life' steps in...NOW what are you going to do?!

There is something going on that we
just CANNOT understand.
It's far beyond what we can see
that's fashioned by His hand.
A movement so unprecidented,
poignant and elite;
it is so much more than 'trial,'
and it WILL NOT defeat!

For God is in control. 

He retains your life and soul!
He knows ALL about your life--
from the ecstacy to strife!

There is something, and more than mere

'physical' does it go!
It is in the Spirit, and more great
than any 'man' could know!
Hold on, press in and stay the course
while trusting in His ways;
for whatever's going on will
ultimately bring Him praise!

None may explain it.  Few may fathom it.  All are affected by it, and God is fully aware of every aspect of it.  You are not alone.  If you are going through it, TRUST HIM COMPLETELY!  For He is God.  He is SO good!  And, somehow, He will be glorified through it all!  Can you accept that?


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Celebration Day!

Yes, it IS Celebration Day: for Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!  In doing so, He won a battle WE could not fight...He defeated an enemy we could never conquer...and He did it all out of a love that we cannot fathom!


How can you not believe?!
For such scenario, but how
could ANYONE conceive??!
One cannot understand such truth
lest scales fall from the eyes;
for only then such awe and wonder
can one realize!

HE IS ALIVE!  It's Resurrection Day.

Now celebrate!
Scripture so alive regardless
of the time and date!
But greater--life availed to us
in Jesus Christ the Son;
the centuries of Scripture past
shout to us: IT IS DONE!

He is alive and reigning from

His throne upon the heights!
He is alive inside the heart
that, in Him now delights!
He is alive, in spite of
tribulation of the days;
'HE IS ALIVE!'  Shout out to Him
and give your deepest praise!

He is alive, and paradise--

it shall be evermore!
His suffering for us is done,
for that's what Easter is for!
Know Him for your own and know
the new life He can be!
In HIM only is your grace 
for all eternity!

Alive in Jesus.  The ONLY way to live a victorious life in the days that are and not lose hope!  God fully knew all that this life would contain, so He sent Jesus to go through what we could not, and provide that which we could never obtain!


Saturday, April 11, 2020


On occasion, quite often probably, Jesus went off by Himself to get away from everyone and everything.  He did so to set an example for us.  How many of us could handle that?

So many are the issues,

distractions and events;
so many are the pleasures--even 
using common sense;
we fill our days with everything 
involving everyone,
when that which we require most
is fellowship with The Son!

The Father has ingrained in us

a need for fellowship;
yet, some would seek all other things
and, being with Him, skip!
Even going so far as
ignoring His blest call,
even though He WANTS our love
and has our wherewithal!

The enemy of 'fellowship'

is this life's 'busyness!'
Should we yield and spend time with Him
abundantly He'll bless!
Ignore the 'pulling' of this world
and MAKE that time with Him!
So wonderful be the rewards,
and life, it will not dim!

The more advanced we get, the more successful we become, the more distracted we are from 'quiet time--' that priceless time that God wants to spend with us and share what He has.

The world would say to us that unless we are doing something with every moment we have, we are not being productive.  God says otherwise!  Yes, there IS balance--but it involves moments of doing nothing at all but listening.  Can YOU handle that?

Friday, April 10, 2020

Without words

The week has been a roller coaster of emotion.  The crowds...the garden...the has taken toll on so many, especially One.  That ONE, however, knew all along what would be, and what is to come.  Still, it does not lessen the pain and agony of it all!

The scourge of cords...the mockery...

the judgment and the trial...
the disgust amongst the most devout
endured He all the while;
the wooden cross, the metal spikes,
the sepulcher now sealed...
He told us all about it saying
'glory' would be revealed?!!

And now, it's Friday evening,

how could ANYTHING be 'good?'
Only from a distance can we
see it really would!
But what hope had they back there amidst
the agony and pain?!
The loss of such a Wonderment--
but how could such be 'gain?'

We see it from a distance and

rejoice but all the day!
Tortured, crucified and buried--
oh, but not to stay!!
Friday was catastrophic, oh,
Cling to that Hope we know as Truth
and be NOT led astray!!

We read about what He went through.  Holy Spirit reveals it to our spirits.  And all the while Jesus emboldens us to be heartened, (as His Word NEVER fails,) because SUNDAY is on it's way!


Thursday, April 9, 2020

We are STILL Blessed!!

We are not without!
In spite of all that we see and hear, we are NOT without!

We can't go to the lake and swim,

we cannot even fish!
But we can reach a loved one and
give ear unto their wish;
we can call a friend we know,
or a neighbor that's alone--
the effect that such would have
will not be fully known!
And we can look to Jesus,
freely with Him to converse!
He fully understands what it's like
to presume the worse!
And He's the ONLY One to get us
through the times that are!
For such a time as this, He bore 
a very costly scar!!

No, we are not without.  in fact,

we are so very blessed!
In spite of this world's situation
He gives us the best!
Oh, see the best in everything--
it isn't hard to do;
it only takes the realization
that he cares for even you!

Angry?  Frustrated?  Disappointed?  Disgusted?  Know that there are several hundred thousand people in this life are denied those feelings right now due to something they have nothing to do with!!  Turn those negative emotions into prayers for yourself and others and watch the transformation that Jesus Christ can do!  


Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Whether you admit to it or not, each of us need help in this life.  God knew we would, so He sent Holy Spirit.  He also sent another wonderful gift...

A Helper have we--One that never leaves.

The best in me He sees and He believes!
He gives me the necessities required
to reach success--even if I'm tired!
He knows me more, much more than any other;
He's more than friend, He's much more than a brother!
He helps me with whatever thing I need;
in situations all, He'll intercede!

Another helper--straight out of His hand:

He fashioned her and gifted her by hand!
He gives her patient, understanding love,
and precious tools at times I'm lacking of!
Somehow, with this man, she's satisfied.
At all times, she's right here at my side
to love me, to encourage and defend;
she is not 'just a wife,' she is a friend!

A helper--who am I deserving such?!

Even when I do not have the softest touch,
she never flinches, she does not retreat,
she yet provides to make this man complete!
A helper fashioned by the hand of God;
my accomplishments does she applaud.
I give her all the love that I am able
and, somehow, through HIS grace, remain we stable!

So very blessed is this man to have such a wife!  For almost 40 years now she has remained happily to married to me.  What's wrong with her?!  

'Thank You, Father, for blessing me with such a woman!'

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Who could fathom?

In the days that we are in, folks are finding ways to be creative in reaching out and ministering.  It will not be said 'Why has it taken this to _________,' because there is but ONE Who knows what is, what will be, and the motives of the heart.

Tradition, to its very core,

be shaken as we know.
Can the very same be used
to prosper and to grow?
Taking us to the unknown
requires us to trust;
in the hour, in the day,
our faith--it be a MUST!

Some no longer have an option...

no more 'luxury...'
even those with 'perfect' faith
now suffer horribly!
That which we thought we might escape,
the same, it may be here!
For such a time as this, my friend,
how many persevere?

BUT GOD, for He remains the same;

and SOLID be His very claim!
Though so unstable be this place,
trustworthy, yet, be His great grace!
And CERTAIN be the path ahead
for the people 'Spirit-led!'
Cling to that which CANNOT be shaken--
to Paradise shall ye be taken!

God remains the same;

all glory to His Name!
Affirms He to the mass
"This too, this too shall pass!"

God's got this.  Though man may be yet puzzled and scrambling for answers, there is a calm yet availed from One alone: Father God.  Cling to His perfect peace as you go about your day doing all you can.


Monday, April 6, 2020

Signs Most Welcome!!

Some of us are getting ready to go out and serve...some of us are being prevented from serving...and still some are quite unable to serve due to the days that are.  But ALL of us are able to do one thing: open up the drapes and

Once more, in the morning, I see
living come alive!
The wonder of the bloom and blossom:
Springtime to arrive!
Even on the limbs and branches
be a glory song
so welcomed and refreshing 'midst
what seems to be all wrong!

oh, the melody for the

diversity on limbs!
Each to play a special role
in the glorious hymns!
Each to have a voice unique,
so special and so sweet,
to greet us in the morning, so
to make our day complete!

Inhale, breathe deep, let arms arise

in overwhelming praise!
For God is Healing, Hope and Love
regardless of the days!
And sending fresh reminders of
the seen and the unseen!
Listen...look...take it all in
and savor the serene!

A select few of us are fortunate enough to still be able to rise up and go do what must be done.  NEVER take that for granted, as there are a greater number of us that are being denied such right now.  BUT DON'T GIVE UP!  'This, too, shall pass.'  In the meantime, enjoy His creation and do whatever you can wherever you are!


Sunday, April 5, 2020

Different Fellowship!

So do we find ourselves experiencing such now.  But we are not alone.  We are not without.  And we are certainly not out of God's sight or His graces!


fellowship and love;
precious gifts from God alone
and showered from above!
And o so very necessary
in these 'different' days!
Reach in...reach up...reach out in ways
that garner Jesus' praise!
I cannot hold your hand right now,
but I can hold the phone;
I cannot hold you in my arms,
but we are not alone!
I can hold you up to God
who does much more than I!
He feels, He knows, He understands
and, HIM, we glorify!

All by ourselves, but not alone; 

We have God and the telephone,
and someone is upon each heart.
Pick up the phone and do your part!

Strange times these are indeed my friend.  But we do not have to be estranged!  Use that wonderful tool of technology you have and call someone who needs to hear from anyone.  Every one of us knows somebody that needs to hear an edifying voice with a word of encouragement!


Saturday, April 4, 2020


Looking ahead.  What will it be like?  What will tomorrow hold?  Will we even live that long?  Only ONE has those answers.  But we, WE have assurances!

In Paradise at last!

All hindrances be past!
No more shackles of that life...
no more stresses, no more strife!
No more sickness or disease...
no more painful memories;
all is perfect, well and good
just like Jesus said it would!
And walking streets of gold!
Each moment, goodness to unfold!
The Father, Spirit and Son,
they all walk with us as One!

Life--it still goes on;

the familiar, though, is gone!
It is so much better here
that mere words cannot make clear!
No language known to man
can say what our eyes scan:
so beautiful, so new,
so shiny, bright and blue;
so friendly, loving too;
again, words have no clue!

Press on, press on, my friend!

For the end is NOT the end!
The trials and sufferings,
this Paradise, so brings!
And serving Him in life--
the glories and the strife--
it's worth, it's worth it all!

Yes, just a little longer yet and we will be There!  Don't give up.  No matter what you see, hear or feel, GOD'S GOT THIS, and His Promises are YEA AND AMEN!


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

And all the while...

Though life seems to come to halt in the days that are, busy it be yet for some!  And though the speed of life is varied greatly, there is a place of constancy, certainty and security.  It is set aside for The Select.  Are YOU among them?

The glory--it continues, yes,

eternal will it be!
It cannot be affected by
that which we feel of see!
Reality continues here,
while overshadowing all
be the Presence, be the Promise,
be His perfect Call!

Unaffected be eternity
by daily stress.
In spite of 'crisis,' He is able
to inspire and bless!
Amidst our panic and concern
He sees unto the end,
ever-reaching, ever-caring,
loving us as 'friend.'
And revealing glimpses of
the glory that awaits
in that Place where 'time' is not,
just there beyond those Gates!
Reminding us that time is short,
and 'crises' do not last!
Be edified, my brother, knowing
of His gifts amassed!

I implore you, be amongst those who shall savor that Perfect Place that God has created!  It is for those who are born again in Jesus Christ!!  O be ye saved today!!