Sunday, March 15, 2020

When I Can't

It's Sunday Morning, y'all!  Time to get up, get ready, go get fed and give the gift that He has blessed you with!  
In the times we live in, however, some of us cannot quite do that.  Then what?

"When I can't seem to get to church

You bring The Church to me!
You make sure, Jesus, that, alone,
I do not have to be!
When, somehow, I'm not there to serve
and worship with everyone,
You make sure I know I'm with The Father,
Holy Spirit and The Son!!

How wonderful is Your great Presence

no matter where I be!
No matter how I feel, You make sure
that I clearly see;
and even when the ones I love
cannot be in a place,
You put them on my heart, and we
have fellowship through grace!!
For You have given us, oh Lord,
the great authority
to trample on the craftiness
of our last enemy!
For even if we be imprisoned
by man or by disease,
the freedom that we have in You,
oh Lord, completely frees!
And The Blood--the power of
the lifeblood that You shed,
it heals our bones and liberates
what goes on in our head!
And we rejoice as ONE, (though we
be scattered all about,)
singing Your hymns and praises, giving
You a mighty shout!

You are alone?  Isolated?  Quarantined?  Look around...reach out...sing His Name and realize that They are right there with You, and GREATER IS HE THAT IS WITHIN YOU THAN ANYTHING out in the world!!

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