Monday, March 16, 2020

Veritable Friend!

The agony and anguish,
the suffering and pain,
the stress of that which is to be—
but what could be the gain?
Sweating so intently
it draws His very blood!
The gamut of emotion,
in a moment…in a flood!
Humanity approaching--
the gamut in its whole;
How much does cost a soul?
He knew exactly the amount,
yet pressing through it all
Christ did what no one else could do--
He understood His Call.
And the pin of God the Father as
He watches Jesus’ ‘friends;’
but love more real so overtakes
whence not a thing depends!
He sees…He knows…He yet endures
unto the bitter end.
Jesus, Master, Overcomer:
so genuine be ‘Friend!’

'Friend.'  That term is thrown around so loosely anymore.  But just how many 'friends' do you have that would go through for you what Jesus does?

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