Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Welcoming Table

God Most High has a table set for any and all that desire to be with Him.  No strings attached.  No qualifications.  His invitation echoes through the ages: "COME!"

"You knew, Lord, that I would betray,
but You dine with me anyway...
You knew what would be done and said,
and yet, with me, You still break bread...
no thing about me is unknown,
but Lord, You still call me Your Own!
Though pain and agony might await,
Your love and mercy remain so great!

A place around your table, Lord,
for me it is reserved.
The very same cannot be 'earned,'
and it's surely not 'deserved!'
And though You know the worst of me,
to such You seem so blind?!
Thus, a setting at Your table,
anyone may find!

So living is the Bread and Cup--
the Body and the Blood!
Taken deep within, it overtakes
just like a flood!
The suffering and death may be,
but mercy, life and love
yet overshadow all the grief
this time may be full of!

In the searching of my heart
I know that I have a part!
Due penance, Lord, and grace
we can look You in the face."

Room at the table...for YOU...always!  God is so loving that He leaves a spot for each one of us at His table.  Don't miss out on it!  For therein is life, and life abundant!

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