Sunday, March 8, 2020

The weight of a moment

Have you ever thought about that?  Do your actions ever cross your mind as you go through the days and times that are?

"The pinnacle of humility--

but Who also comprehends.
After a very sumptuous meal
with the best of friends,
midst laughing, crying, fellowshipping
with the closest and The Divine,
You take the towel, gird Your waist
and wash the feet of mine?

I did not understand it then.
I understand it now.
You lower Yourself to carry out
a holiest of vow.
The highest One this world could know
doing the lowest task--
would I do the same this day and age?
I hasten not to ask!

Jesus, on His knees before me--
oh God, who am I?!
You send Your only Son to us
to suffer and t die!
Far greater, higher and deeper than
the 'service' of these days.
O please humble us, we pray, and let
Your ways become our ways!"

What level of thought is given to the times and days that are?   If it is but 'just another season' where we come and go as we are then we have surely missed the mark!  Make time to ponder the services that Jesus did/does and weigh the same against our daily lives.

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