Thursday, March 19, 2020

The time for Hope!

THE time for Hope.  If ever there be such, IT IS NOW!   Be it only now, now that there be a plague about the world?  Hmmm...

There is a time for 'hope' to grow,

one that does not disappear!
Those times have been throughout all time
and, once more, one is here!
A certain Hope is necessary
in times that we now face,
and, fortunately for each of us,
it is availed by Grace!

That Hope so necessary in 

the days in which we are,
it is availed through God The Father,
and He is NEVER far!
That Hope is Jesus Christ the Lord
and the precious Blood He shed!
Through only Him we'll conquer this
and be victors as He said!

"Jesus, Jesus, in the days

and times affecting ALL,
we lay all pride aside and claim
You  ARE The Wherewithal!
The power in Your Blood and in
Your Word's authority--
for therein lies our Everything
that, life, we each may see!"

In the days that are?  In time of distress?  In disaster?  In plague?  NO!  If you are only turning to Jesus because of what you see on the news, then you are missing a glorious 'everyday life' that He wants to be part of and share with you!!  LET HIM!  Let Him into your heart and enjoy His company AT ALL TIMES!  You'll NEVER regret it!


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