Monday, March 30, 2020

The Real, Phony Prison

Yes, there is such a thing.  FEAR is a prison.  It is 'real' for a lot of folks, until they learn that it is a mere 'counterfeit!'  For the REAL thing is the love of Jesus--and once we grasp that, the bars disappear, and 'fear' can actually become a learning lesson!

Fear--it shall not overwhelm;
for Jesus Christ is at the helm!
He is the Savior of my soul,
and ALL things are in His control!
For peace and calm has He for all:
east...west...north...south...large or small,
His massive, living, nail-scarred palm
contains for us that blessed calm!
The thriving and the incomplete
can gather at the Savior's feet
to give to Him or to receive,
to work for Him, rest or relieve.
His invitation yet remains.
For he can take the hindering chains
and break them!  Make them disappear,
and dissipate the gripping fear!

Yes, that 'prison' that fear can become

a portal be with Jesus come!
The great escape, His Presence, be
is constantly for such as we!
For we are weak, but He is strong;
we are abrupt, His patience long;
and we, we are at liberty
to conquer fear eternally!!

Fear shall never overtake.

The Christ of God a way did make!
That Way--He shall not ever fail;
His perfect love, it shall prevail!

Yes, His constant, certain, perfect love shall overcome and outlast any and ALL affliction, crisis, disaster or curse!  Know His perfect love for CERTAIN in your heart even right now!


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