Thursday, March 26, 2020

The ONLY Certainty!

For so many years, for generations, we have gone about getting done what we must.  But these are strange times, my friend.  Something, however, remains the same...

Leaning on the ONLY Certainty

here in these days;
raising arms unto Him, seeking
out His holy ways;
doors do not close unless The Father
has another way;
to obtain it, His command
so simple: watch and pray!
Such requires humility
and stillness on my part.
Such traits are not inherent,
for each are a learned art!
I am accustomed to do my best
as fast as I can do;
doing my best while 'quarantined?'
The same be something new!

BUT GOD, He is still active and

He is so very near!
He knows the times and seasons and,
ALL things, to Him, are clear!
He was, He is and is to be,
and we, we are His Own!
His Presence, peace and comfort,
in ALL days, for they are known!

It may be uncomfortable to leave the house these days, but comfort can still remain inside your heart.  Whomever you are, whatever you MUST do, the Truth remains:  "Greater is He that is within me that anything out in the world!"  Use the wisdom and discretion He gives you, and STAND UPON HIS WORD!


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