Monday, March 2, 2020

That Signature!

There it is again: right before the very eye!  You can't see it?  Then you're not even looking...

That signature of Spring:
the song upon the wing...
the blossoms and the blooms...
the wonderful perfumes!
Creator God creating
as life is celebrating
the newness of it all,
and His great wherewithal!

And life, it goes by fast!

But don't let the day go past
without His works to note
and, your praises, to devote!
For He's worthy of that praise
regardless of the days!
For the living and the lands
are sure of His great hands!

The beauty of the Spring;

join in, ye throng, and sing
of His amazing grace,
and His touches on this place!
He is newer every day,
and His mercies are for aye!
Creator God Most High--
He's right before the eye!

Celebrate the glory of new life that comes as He causes the seasons to change!  Celebrate Him in all HIS glory as He makes the very land to come alive with its glory!


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