Sunday, March 29, 2020


So THIS world would have us to be.  And, looking around, it is working on SOME.  However, there is a Place for you that CANNOT be shaken!  Have YOU found that Place?

When everything be shaken up,
the 'sound' alone remain;
when 'ritual' would disappear,
what then does one retain?
When all that we're accustomed to
is gone what do we do?
Will 'panic' then become your way,
or can you make it through?
Is there a place you can relax
at such a time as this?
The hype and the hysteria
can you but just 'dismiss?'
One said there would be days like this
but gave us each a way
to weather the disasters that
would rise throughout the day!
At such a time, we are to cling
unto Him all the more!
We are His Own, and He is greater
than what be in store!
And that which be upon us, it
eventually will pass,
and Christ will yet be standing firm
with welcome to the mass!

When EVERYTHING be shaken, there be

ONE Who cannot be!
And, even now, His open arms
reach out for such as we!
NOTHING of this world affects
His everlasting love!
No tool or tactic will affect
that flow from God above!!

Jesus is alive!  He is everywhere!  He is able!  And the love He has for you contain a peace that cannot be put into matter who the poet be, and no matter who YOU are!!  Savor that peace as we abound through the times that life finds us in!


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