Saturday, March 14, 2020

Psalm 127:1

The Word of God.  So living, so pertinent, regardless what is happening in us, to us or around us!

"Lest You construct our house, o Lord,
we labor so in vain;
lest You reside inside our hearts,
continue will the pain;
lest we attend unto Your Word,
the greater the divide;
and, Lord, lest we submit to YOU,
our progress be denied!

Such simple and such plain instruction

given long ago,
yet so alive unto the moment
we have come to know!
Though differ may contrast and context,
the principle be the same:
victory may only come
as we call out Your Name
and call out settled 'practices'
that YOU call out as WRONG:
'But it has always been this way...'

'We've done this all along...'
What we have called 'tradition' You
may call 'sin' and 'abuse;'
and what we use to justify
You see as mere 'excuse!'

Oh rip away the callous layers

that the truth be known!
Return us to INTEGRITY
that we may be Your own!
And help us to serve one another
and know 'self-denial,'
lest that much more destruction come
than this, the present trial!"

Ah, some of us have lived in such comfort for most of our lives.  Perhaps TOO MUCH comfort?  Something arises that shakes our world and we panic--even when we know, without a doubt, The ONE Who holds the world in His hands!!  

"God, forgive us!"

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