Monday, March 23, 2020

Press on as best you can!

Regardless of the reports, in spite of what is at hand, there are certainties that ARE and shall ever remain...

There is peace--when it

cannot be understood...
there is goodness, even when
'rare' seems to be 'good;'
there is comfort that this world
cannot provide--
it all comes from Jesus
as He's glorified!

Regardless of the issues going on,

Jesus, He not ever will be gone!
He knows of everything and everywhere;
wherever YOU must be He will be there!

Lord Jesus and His attributes--

essential to this place!
HE IS, and not that we deserve,
it's through His love and grace!
He knew...He knows...and He knows what
will be forevermore!
Trust Him completely, with abandon,
for VICTORY is in store!!

Strange, dangerous and deadly days are upon us, BUT GOD was here first, and He WILL BE here when this is over!  Pray on, stand fast, plead The Blood and continue to live.  His peace and grace suffice, and His Will is greater than anything else!


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