Friday, March 6, 2020

"Peace, be still!"

It's something we don't often hear in the fast-paced, hurry-up life that we have grown accustomed to!  And 'comfort?'  It seems to be a rare commodity these days...

In the midst of utter panic there is
One remaining calm.
The very Same, He holds us in
the center of His palm.
He sees the fears and threats, but He
sees far beyond the same;
and He makes it so, the peace He knows,
but each of us may claim!

Beyond the 'breaking news' that seems

to interrupt the day...
beyond the 'headlines' that be tempting
our emotions sway...
even past the 'panic' that
may grip the heart of some,
He whispers to the listening heart
"Peace.  Be still.  I come!"

So necessary is The Lord

here in the days that are!
To seek advancement without Him
we won't get very far!
But with Him dwelling deep inside
we'll make it all the way--
regardless what the networks and
the papers have to say!

Yes, these are troubling times.  But He said they would be in His Word.  Cling to Him all the more, and keep your hand upon the plow.  Keep the ear tuned also, for the Trumpet Blast is at hand!


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