Saturday, March 28, 2020

On Faith Alone

Life has so much that we can depend upon.  Thank God for that!  There is much more, however, that is yet unreachable.  Therein lies 'faith.'   Can you accept that?

Though issues, they be cryptic, yea,
though puzzled I may be,
I know that it shall not affect
the hope and joy of me!
For I have not accepted Him
on what I understand,
I took Him upon faith alone
at His unfurled hand!

I took Him upon faith alone,
yet more and more each day
come the answers very clear
upon the Narrow Way!
And the issues cryptic, for
I know that, by and by,
I will be enlightened as
His reason cometh nigh!

I took Him upon faith alone,
and that's where I remain:
confident, secure in Him
Who bore the crimson stain!
Knowing, even KNOWING, yes,
He is and e'er will be
not only in the very clear
but in what I can't see!

Yes, that's the kind of security we have in knowing Jesus!  The world cannot understand this until they request Him to open their eyes, and such will only come as He becomes your Savior!

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