Friday, March 27, 2020

NOTHING to do?!

In the days that are, we see and hear so many wondering such.  However, there are still many means of connecting and making a difference for His Kingdom!

Until the Trumpet Blast there is
so very much to do!
So various the callings He
has placed on me and you.
That which may seem 'trivial'
means 'life' unto another.
NEVER take for granted what
you're doing for your brother!
And never see as 'pointless' that
which YOU are called to do!
For there are things in life that can
be only done by YOU!
You have purpose; you have value
regardless who you are!
Just a 'call' or 'greeting,' it
can go so very far!

And for His glory only in

the times and in the days.
Avail yourself to Him in full
and HE will find the ways
to bless another, bless yourself
and magnify His Name,
uplifting your own spirit as
you bring to Him acclaim!

So much much NOT happening...yet so necessary, more than ever, the witness He has called us to be!  Allow Him to flow freely through you, and be amazed at what HE can accomplish!


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