Tuesday, March 24, 2020

March 24th

Another day.  One more day of a 'life' that many of us are not accustomed to.  During these days, cling to That which you know is certain and secure, because

The peaks and valleys surely will continue.

The only thing to vary is our gait.
At whatever speed we're moving forward,
there IS a place where we will celebrate!
This current place, it is unknown to many;
the gamut of emotions does it cause;
BUT GOD, He may desire us, so busy,
to take this season to relax and pause?

"This, too, shall pass..." it is a settled promise.

'Til then, however, vigilant remain.
Keep doing everything that you are able,
knowing that, ALL things, does He contain!
Unprecedented be the things we're seeing.
They call for a response that is the same!
That can be done only as we humble
and commit ALL THINGS to Jesus' Name!

Yes, in times so very strange

God continues to arrange;
and we SHALL persevere
with JESUS always near!

Stand firm, my friend.  Be strong in Him.  For I promise you that there are others looking to you and at you for such strength, and we can direct them to our Source of strength: Jesus Christ!  For The Word is rife with assurances and abundant with truths to which ALL may cling!

And always remember: GOD'S GOT THIS!

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