Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Regardless of the ups-and-downs of this daily life, there is One constant that changes not, and so beautiful is His Name!

"You hold me in Your mighty hands

no matter how I feel!
Though I lack words, Lord, You completely
fathom my appeal;
You judge me not regardless, Lord,
of my 'faith' amount,
rather, You embrace me and
escort me to That Fount!

Yea, when the words are missing, Lord,

it matters not to You;
You tell me that You understand

and always see me through.
Your voice, Your eyes, Your sweet embrace
and Your Blood, so alive
they all combine to heal this man
so that I will arrive!

By You, Lord Jesus Christ, I am

completely understood!
What You've established for me, Lord,
for it is only good!
And for each one who calls Your Name
and takes You deep in heart!
My only Lord and Savior, we
shall never, ever part!"

Assurance.  Sweet assurance.  I enjoy it constantly...AND SO CAN YOU!  This life we live is wonderful, but it is anything but 'secure.'  Jesus, however, is Security that you can count on, and all you have to do is call upon His Name!


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