Wednesday, March 25, 2020

If ever we needed such!

Oh, the calm assurances of God!  If ever there were times that we need such, it is now!  Though we may not understand, HE DOES, and we can rest in that!

Closer to my Jesus,

nearer, God to You!
In the silence, in the still,
the BEST that I can do!
So many things are different
than only weeks ago!
But Lord, You are the same we love,
we worship and we know!

How precious are the guarantees

that only YOU can give!
In You, we have our being, Lord,
we breathe...we move...we LIVE!
The secret things belong to You--
there's NOTHING that can hide!
Thus, so glorious the truth
that, in You, we abide!!

Nearer, o my God, to You,

yet even in these days!
We cling to You with utter trust
and count upon Your ways!
No man be there to match Yourself,
nor will there ever be!
We but continue, Lord, to trust--
KNOWING that You see!!

It is unknown?  Give it to God.  It is unsearchable?  Tell God from your heart.  Confused?  Scared?  Anxious?  He understands it all fully and His ears are open and His hands are reaching out, and He longs to hear it from you!


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