Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Jesus Christ is God.  Jesus Christ is also man.  He was, however, able to differentiate the two so that He could accomplish what no man could!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!!

In the remaining hours

what could His heart contain?!
Knowing that which was awaiting,
knowing of the pain,
knowing the betrayal, knowing
the ones that would so turn...
still, the Father's love inside Him
constantly to burn!
To burn for those so close to Him
with whom He sups and dines...
those whose anger be so great
it chills their very spines...
those who yet love Him so much
they follow Him in death...
those so living here and now
and taking in His breath!

All these thoughts in the hours that
so quickly are to wane--
filled with a love that has no words,
so very far from 'plain!'
Jesus' thoughts in those last days--
but who could understand?!
And who could know that God the Father
knew all things that were planned?

Too deep to ponder.  Impossible to figure out!  Too painful to consider, yet too beautiful to ignore!  God's Great Plan.  It is still alive.  It is still great, and it is still available for ALL Who call upon His Holy Name!

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