Sunday, March 22, 2020

Greater Assurances

If ever there be a time that we need such, it be in the days that are.  Amidst the panic, fear and fanaticism, GOD remains calm and faithful...

"In the chaos, in the fray,
oh Lord, You are my Rock!
Regardless of the happenings,
regardless of the shock,
in spite of that so foreign, oh Lord,
You remain the same,
and the Serenity You are
do we always, ever claim!

You know our situation, Lord,

You knew it all along,
and You made provision to assure
we could retain our song!
So much 'unknown' to such as we
be happening down here,
and yet Your voice so resonates
'I'm with you.  Have no fear.'

Our Foundation and our Rock--

Lord, You CANNOT be shaken!
Whatever happens in this life
You were, You are and You will be,
and we, we are Your Own!
We press on as we cling to You
to Whom ALL things are known!"

Yes, cling to Jesus with all you have and do the best you can KNOWING He is in control and will do all the rest!  There is no greater assurance than JESUS CHRIST!


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