Tuesday, March 31, 2020

God's gracious gifts!

In spite of us being 'us,' God remains loving, generous and faithful.  He is fully aware of ALL that is happening everywhere, and blesses us with sweet signs of 'normalcy:'

Evidence of season
abounding all around!
The essence of blooms and blossoms...
the sweetness of the sound....
the melody upon the wing--
it goes from tree to tree;
the merriment to be a transport
oh for such as we!

Though much is to be tended to
upon this busy day,
it is a gift of pure enjoyment
God would send our way!
The melodious are reminders
He's our wherewithal,
providing sweet assurance and
a respite from it all!

Savoring creation--
ever-constant to unfold;
realizing that, from Him,
I have discovered gold!
Regardless of distractors, God
would have us stay on-point
by taking that before our eyes
and, every sight, anoint!

Do all that you can as best you can, but know that you cannot do it all; and do not miss the wondrous signs of His Presence as you progress!


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