Thursday, March 5, 2020

God IS present!

No matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing, there is opportunity to minister.  And I promise you, God is amongst those who you come in contact with!

"You'll know Me at Trumpet when
I split the open skies...
You'll recognize Me when you see
the dead in Christ arise...
and when you take to flight, there will
not be a bit of doubt,
for then, throughout eternity,
you will not be without!

But will you know me when you leave
the house today for work?
Will you see Me in the countenance
of that drive-thru clerk?
Will you observe Me as you tend
unto the task at hand?
Will you recognize Me as,
before your face, I stand?

Too many folks are waiting just
to see Me on that Day,
when I AM with you everywhere
upon the narrow way!
So many opportunities--
will YOU recognize?
Remember, I am greater than
what you see with your eyes!"

WHOA!  Yes, we are busy with business...caught up in the duties of the day...taking care of what must be done--all of us!  BUT GOD is in all and through all.  Let us not ignore Him as we interact with our guests, customers and employees.  We entertain angels unaware every day, and HE walks in our midst constantly!

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