Thursday, March 12, 2020


That's what Jesus is to us.  That's what His peace is to this world!  In trying joyous times...AT ALL TIMES...Jesus is The Perfect Peace!

There is Peace that is available

to any and to all.
It is a kind of Peace that always
answers when you call!
It even makes its Presence known
when you don't even ask
inviting you to open arms,
there to freely bask!
Such Peace, it's always present, matter
not what else goes on;
it has a Source that time can't touch--
it NEVER will be gone!
In spite of circumstances,
situations or events,
not a thing of earthly life
this Perfect Peace prevents!!

There is a Peace.  He has a Name:

He is a Peace that only God
the Father could afford!
Call out to Him and know His love,
for now and evermore!
Unshakeable be His foundation
for ANYTHING in store!!

Peace.  Perfect Peace.  Jesus Christ.

The world may consider Him an 'option,' but many of us know Him as the greatest necessity there could ever be.
What is He to you?

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