Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Confident Hands

In case You haven't heard, these are strange, dangerous and unstable times we are in.  We can't pick up a paper or turn on the TV without hearing of new warnings about 'things' that we have never had to think about before.  BUT GOD knew that such would be, and His arms and ears are always open...

"Afflictions and diseases--
You knew that such would be.
Some folks are learning only now
about our frailty!
Your Word has spoken of it, though,
for oh so many years;
still, Lord, rampant be caution
and, yes, founded fears!
Disease like we have never seen,
all borders, to ignore...
even likened to the plagues
that You brought on before!
Folks afraid to congregate,
to gather or go out--
and a base, Lord, for such fears,
no person be without!
Therefore, we turn to You alone;
Your Blood--the only cure.
The hope we have in You--the only 
hope that will endure!
Intervene, we pray, o God,
we confidently pray,
lifting up our brother man
to YOU--our only Stay!" are the markers of the end times.  So, too, be the fact that folks are turning to God, seeking His face in record numbers!  We be of that number, too, crying out for healing and deliverance from the signs of the times--for we KNOW that such be availed in HIS hands alone!

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