Friday, March 13, 2020

Comforting Truths!

A brand new day.  Another beautiful gift that God has given us to unwrap.  So many opportunities to give and to receive.  Keep that at the forefront as you press on, my friend!

Open up the paper:
bad news...panic...fear;
the evening news contains the same
with hype so loud and clear!
What are the faithful to go through?
How much shall we endure?
Such should be secondary, KNOWING
that we are secure!

Open up the Word of God--

Good News!  Promise!  Cheer!
The contrast be so polarized
for them that have Christ here!
Though there be much uncertainty,
there is also peace and calm:
it's in knowing that we are securely 
fastened in His palm!!

The trials of the days that are--

He said that they would come;
but He has proven 'victory'
shall be our daily sum!
He has not failed.  He never will,
and we, we are His Own!
Savor peace with each new day
in spite of the unknown!

The Blood retains its power

regardless of the hour;
regardless what we've 'got,'
VICTORY is our lot!!

Cling to His settled Truths in spite of what you see, hear or feel.  We are not forsaken.  We are chosen, protected and highly favored in His sight!  Comfort one another with these truths!


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